Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Fund Raising

                                                             So I've done some of the math that this trip will end up costing me. The Motorcycles will be about $2,000-$2,500 American dollars. The Plane trip will be about $100.00 (Thank You Casey's Step Mom for the generous "buddy pass"). Gas Money and other expenses I have estimated to be another $1,500 dollars.. So I'm looking at a goal of $4,000 bucks. Or maybe $4,500 to be on the safe side. Today I got some Christmas money to go towards that.. so If I want to see "Tatianna" (ABOVE IMAGE) and the other beautiful things that South and Central America have to offer. I will be saying goodbye to all "fast food" restaurants, or rather "eating out" in general.. Goodbye Cafe Rio. Also No more movies in the theater- Hello Torrents, and sadly, I might have to say goodbye to my terrible sugar fixations i.e. chocolate donuts from 7-11, Laffy-Taffys, ANYTHING Hostess, and yes. . . Fruit Roll-ups (all of which are deceptively expensive) will also have to go in order to pay for this trip. On the bright side, I might actual have a healthy life from all this. .  Oh and to my Faithful  followers out there right now, Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

T-Minus 5 months.

Preparing for a journey of this magnitude is hard for a number of reasons. First of all, everyday we prepare for certain things only adds to our anxiety. Just Yesterday Pete and I were talking on the phone, while trying to figure out the most adventurous, and safe (odd combination) route to take on MapQuest, and within minutes of ending our conversation I got a text from Pete asking if we could bump the trip up to March. This sadly would not work for me due to school, but I wish I wasn't posting our first "blog comment" 5 months in advanced, it's torture sometimes. In a nut-shell out Itinerary starts in the South of Brazil, the southern most state in Brazil to be exact; Rio Grande Do Sul (The Big Southern River), I just though I'd let the world know how goofy some of these translations are. Our Journey will start from the Southern border near Argentina. Pete has been doing our Trajectory and even as I am writing this he is somewhere in Columbia on MapQuest. Honestly I thought it would be pretty easy to plot a course but I forget how ridiculous the road systems are in South America. Pete e-mailed me our rough draft course through Brazil only, and it included 314, different instructions. with the first move being:
1.Head southwest on Av. Ns. Medianeira toward R. João Manoel95 ft
There were at least 50 or more directions with "feet" as a measurement, Hello South America.